Definition of heuchera in English:



  • A North American plant with dark green round or heart-shaped leaves and slender stems of tiny flowers.

    Genus Heuchera, family Saxifragaceae: many species, in particular H. sanguinea, with many ornamental cultivars

    • ‘Coral bells, or heucheras, have gotten a lot of attention of late for their colorful, patterned leaves.’
    • ‘Growing in part shade, the clusters of pure white bell-shaped flowers look their best as the sun moves from them and they are left to give a patch of light in front of a dark-leaved heuchera.’
    • ‘Ferns, hostas, camellias, pieris, heucheras and many others can provide foliage interest, while flowering interest can come from fuchsias, lilies and impatiens.’
    • ‘Even though they have small flowers, hummingbirds like heucheras.’
    • ‘In the bed above, deep pink primroses play off the purple-leafed heuchera, pale yellow daffodils, and pink azaleas.’


Modern Latin, named after Johann H. von Heucher (1677–1747), German botanist.