Definition of hetman in English:



  • A Polish or Cossack military commander.

    • ‘In 1648, led by the kozak hetman (military leader) Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Ukrainians rose against Poland, forming an independent state.’
    • ‘But the Swedes and Cossacks lost, and Peter destroyed the hetman's capital and the hetmanate itself.’
    • ‘They were democratic, directly electing their leaders or hetmen.’
    • ‘Two hundred years ago King Karl XII of Sweden fought together with the Cossack hetman Ivan Mazepa for the independence of Ukraine from Russia.’
    • ‘Why would the Diet forbid Jan Kazimierz to provide military aid to Vyhovs'kyi and what is meant by the statement that the Cossack hetman was ‘an elected king’?’


Polish, probably from German Hauptmann ‘captain’.