Definition of heterosexuality in English:



mass noun
  • The quality or characteristic of being sexually attracted solely to people of the opposite sex.

    • ‘You said that you didn't play the character as a gay man because his heterosexuality was evident in the screenplay.’
    • ‘She thinks we should reject historical assumptions about sex, such as heterosexuality and monogamy.’
    • ‘One interview even had her proclaiming her heterosexuality over and over again, hoping that her fans got the message.’
    • ‘She was worried that I had ditched heterosexuality and converted religions all in one week.’
    • ‘I have a personal preference for teaching apparently "straightforward" texts, to show how their characterization and narrative are actually constructed and constrained by compulsory heterosexuality.’
    • ‘He has always refused to proclaim an exclusive heterosexuality.’
    • ‘Because heterosexuality is socially constructed as "normal" in our culture, the wide range of sexualities possible for humans is largely ignored by many educators.’
    • ‘The audience is let in on the truth about the girls' heterosexuality much earlier than Paula is.’
    • ‘Men should not be expected to live up to stereotypical conceptions of heterosexuality and masculinity.’
    • ‘The assumption of heterosexuality has been common in almost all family theorizing until very recently.’