Definition of heteromorphic in English:



  • Occurring in two or more different forms, especially at different stages in the life cycle.

    • ‘The evolution of the heteromorphic sex chromosomes from an indistinguishable pair of autosomes is triggered by the suppression of recombination.’
    • ‘In organisms in which gender is based on one sex being homomorphic and the other heteromorphic for the sex chromosomes, a process has evolved to equalize the output of products encoded by the genes located there.’
    • ‘The hermaphroditic and gynodioecious species, S. conica, and S. vulgaris, which are related to the dioecious species, do not have heteromorphic chromosomes.’
    • ‘However, to understand the current structure of sex determination in Drosophila, it is necessary to consider its evolution from an ancestral state, prior to the evolution of heteromorphic sex chromosomes and dosage compensation.’
    • ‘Silene latifolia is a dioecious plant with heteromorphic sex chromosomes.’