Definition of herstory in English:



mass noun
  • History viewed from a female or specifically feminist perspective.

    • ‘It's going to be a documentary on the herstory of women's music.’
    • ‘I longed for the chance to have my herstory take center stage, and to not have it qualified with any ‘in spite of’ or ‘because of’ statements.’
    • ‘In a herstory book about our movement where race politics have been so acute, let us not recount old struggles without including the voices of all involved.’
    • ‘We're lucky that we had the luxury of women's studies programs to give us a glimpse into our feminist herstory.’
    • ‘I educated myself on the history, and herstory, of her from before I was born, until I could remember.’
    • ‘Good physical health and stamina are necessary at this point in our herstory.’
    • ‘The herstory of the battered women's movement in Florida is a cautionary tale.’
    • ‘Concentrating mostly on comic-strip and comic-book artists of the last century, Robbins uncovers the secret herstory that got left out from all the other millennial surveys.’
    • ‘And much of the herstory of the movement is in its periodicals.’
    • ‘Formed in 1997, the Railroad's ‘event production herstory,’ according to the Basics Booklet given prospective members, lists twelve events.’
    • ‘For that I am honored to be continuing this work and to be working for a news-journal that has struggled and fought so that women like me and so many others would have our stories told and our herstory recorded.’
    • ‘I am really impressed by the seriousness and high quality of your newspaper, which belongs to feminist herstory and has never made any concession.’
    • ‘Once the Mists of Michigan are part of your herstory, you can create a whole new sense of reality.’
    • ‘For her, a productive response to oppression recognizes that ‘we must at some point understand our history and herstory and our ancestors.’’
    • ‘McFadden has created an ambitious and dramatic story that is part murder mystery, part love story and part herstory.’
    • ‘Robin Morgan makes it clear from the outset that this book is her personal memoir, not a history (or herstory, a word she says she invented) of the feminist movement.’
    • ‘For a memoir that focuses more on movement herstory, readers might want to try Susan Brownmiller's In Our Time, which has more detail (and is reviewed in our May 2000 issue).’
    • ‘If this mutilation of women and their bodies continues, what will happen to our future, to our daughters and to our herstory?’
    • ‘Others have indulged their longing for herstories of powerful women, and in the process constructed theories about the benevolent, matriarchal exercise of power.’
    • ‘As if she were reading ancient herstory, she discovers that to Daly and many other radical feminists, one system of oppression was at the base or root of all systems of oppression.’


1970s: from her + story, analogous formation based on the form history.