Definition of herring gull in English:

herring gull


  • A gull with grey black-tipped wings, abundant and widespread in both Eurasia and North America.

    Larus argentatus, family Laridae

    • ‘I remember climbing over shipwrecks, bending close to inspect a motionless herring gull, then the long hike away from him, headed north, up the endless beach.’
    • ‘As soon as de Rosarieux's line hits the water, a mottled herring gull lands on the prow, inches away, waiting for the first fish.’
    • ‘London postmen refused to deliver mail to a usually quiet street following attacks by what one resident described as a ‘slightly psycho herring gull.’’
    • ‘J. A. Allen dispelled the notion that two species of Herring Gull exist, the American and the European herring gull.’
    • ‘Black-headed gull and herring gull belong to the same family and are obviously more closely related than the other two species pairs.’


herring gull