Definition of herpetofauna in English:



mass nounZoology
  • The reptiles and amphibians of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

    • ‘Therefore, the Hudson River population of Necturus is not unique among the aquatic herpetofauna.’
    • ‘The book also includes several studies on lesser-known animals - birds, herpetofauna and fishes - many of which have yet to be identified by science.’
    • ‘It is an updated field guide and natural history guide to the herpetofauna of Pennsylvania, also focusing on species found in the northeastern United States.’
    • ‘He also wants to create a comprehensive database of the herpetofauna in India for the next generation of researchers.’
    • ‘In areas like savannas, where the scrub jays are in close proximity to suburban habitats, house cats are important predators of many bird species as well as herpetofauna.’


Modern Latin, from Greek herpeton ‘creeping thing, reptile’ + fauna.