Definition of heroic verse in English:

heroic verse


mass noun
  • A type of verse used for epic or heroic subjects, such as the hexameter, iambic pentameter, or alexandrine.

    • ‘He believes that iambic pentameter is the most suited to heroic verse, especially in English, and that rhyme should be consistent and regular.’
    • ‘Milton himself likened blank verse to the unrhymed verse of ‘Homer in Greek, and of Virgil in Latin’ and called it ‘English heroic verse without rhyme.’’
    • ‘What is the burlesque verse in English, is the heroic verse in French.’
    • ‘‘I'm going to climb the highest mountain in Britain,’ I said to myself, envisioning kilted bards perched at the top shouting down lines of heroic verse to the dirt-encrusted hikers toiling below.’
    • ‘His formula for modern heroic verse, proclaimed up front in the essay, was, in short: more dactyls than trochees, and more trochees than spondees.’