Definition of heroic age in English:

heroic age


  • The period in Greek history and legend before the Trojan War and its aftermath, in which the legends of the heroes were set.

    • ‘What was expressed in the belief in the gods held by the Greeks of the heroic age, as well as of the classical age, if not the relative ‘helplessness’ of social man before nature, including society?’
    • ‘Hexameter poetry continued after Homer, with Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns, and the poems of the Epic Cycle, which described the two legendary wars of the heroic age, those against Thebes and Troy.’
    • ‘The Iliad described a heroic age when gods were a vital, exciting and often destructive presence in the realm of men.’
    • ‘The language of poetry, being metaphoric and sensuous, flourishes in the heroic age.’