Definition of hero-worshipper in English:


(US hero-worshiper)


  • See hero worship

    • ‘A self-confessed hero-worshipper, he adroitly patched into a network of national self-regard and milked it for all it was worth.’
    • ‘Yes, all heroic exaltation is dangerous, but the danger is not to the hero-worshipers, but to the hero.’
    • ‘Rather than hiding its successful people, the new hero-worshippers asserted, Australia needed to promote them as the role-models for a younger generation of achievers.’
    • ‘And courtesy Bhandarkar, a nation of hero-worshippers got a peek into the life of their icons, but what they saw were only feet of clay.’
    • ‘They are hero-worshippers that follow the impressive older animals about, in the process learning the locations of the seasonal grazing areas they use.’