Definition of hermit sheep in English:

hermit sheep


  • A sheep that lives by itself, away from the flock.

    ‘she was the hermit sheep that evaded capture for three years’
    • ‘In the early days, when all the runs were unfenced for many years, we used to find hermit sheep.’
    • ‘The muster was hard work with so many hermit sheep that had missed several shearings, and were dragging around several years' growth of wool.’
    • ‘Sheep are flock animals, but you do get hermit sheep.’
    • ‘Horrietta the hermit sheep has produced twins.’
    • ‘A remarkable sample of wool, 27 inches in length of staple, has been shorn from a 35-pound fleece, taken off a hermit sheep.’
    • ‘It was a small community famously known as being the home of Shrek the Merino Hermit Sheep.’
    • ‘A source of trouble were the wild hermit sheep. These had dodged successive musters, often had two or three years' growth of wool, and because of this were nearly wool blind.’
    • ‘The hermit sheep that spent six wild years alone in the mountains is in love and expecting twins.’
    • ‘In these areas, grazing is almost nonexistent, and only the hardiest of hermit sheep can make it.’
    • ‘Around the corner we came to Henrietta the hermit sheep.’