Definition of hermaphroditical in English:



  • See hermaphrodite

    • ‘The flowers of Zamioculcas are morphologically hermaphroditical, but physiologically unisexual.’
    • ‘Then all living creatures, including man, which had been hermaphroditical, were separated, the males being set apart by themselves and the females likewise, according to the dictates of Reason.’
    • ‘The situation is better than it has been years ago but some fish species do not bear it very well - for instance, in Tichá Orlice the scientists found hermaphroditical trout.’
    • ‘So the genetic information that determines a snail shell's coiling direction can not be found in the snail's own cells, but in those of the mother animal - in the case of the hermaphroditical land snails the snail the egg cell was from.’
    • ‘There was a period of transition of age in the last century in which Maia, a kind of hermaphroditical elf native from a Latin small village, used to guide his followers to the entrance of Magnanapoli Street, close to Ulpia restaurant.’