Definition of Herero in English:



  • 1A member of a people living in Namibia, Angola, and Botswana.

    • ‘This past weekend Hereros from Namibia, South Africa and Botswana commemorated the centenary of the massacre of some 65000 of their number in 1904.’
    • ‘The Namibian national identity must be reflected by all Namibians and not only by the Hereros.’
    • ‘The Hereros of Namibia have raised their collective voice in this regard, taking the German government to court in the United States.’
    • ‘The German occupation was a particularly unhappy experience for the Herero.’
    • ‘The Hereros bitterly resisted, and large numbers of them, including women and children, were killed by German troops.’
  • 2mass noun The Bantu language of the Herero, with about 75,000 speakers.

    • ‘In Herero, for example, the uncle apparently refers to his nephew as ‘omurie uandje’.’


  • Relating to the Herero or their language.

    • ‘As for the Ovambo and Herero traditions, you will hear from the scholars very soon in detail.’
    • ‘There is still a close connection between the head of the Herero family, his special herd of cattle, and his ancestors.’
    • ‘In contrast, Government has for years refused to recognise a traditional authority for the Khwe in West Caprivi and a range of ethnic Herero leaders.’
    • ‘They could have shown that regardless of Kaura and Riruako's issues they had swallowed their pride and put politics behind them just to be at this memorable event as proud leaders of the Herero nation.’
    • ‘It's probably no coincidence that all the changes he proposes are Herero names, and this won't go down well with other Namibians in any case.’


A local name, from Otshi-Herero, the Herero word for the language.