Definition of hereabouts in English:


(also hereabout)


  • Near this place.

    ‘there is little natural water hereabouts’
    • ‘The camp isn't the highest ground hereabouts - that's Great Close Hill.’
    • ‘The only food hereabouts is off the Chinese cart at the corner, and that taste is not for everybody.’
    • ‘‘Christ, we got away with one there,’ is an oft heard phrase hereabouts after yet another bungle in the field or a rank howler from the men in white.’
    • ‘Our half-mile by the water is the only accessible stretch hereabouts.’
    • ‘My only request to drystone wallers is, when rebuilding, please leave a little more gap in the squeezer stiles, the sheep can't be so thin hereabouts, and walkers less sylph-like than my navigator might get their thighs wedged.’
    • ‘We have left behind the daughter who has long wanted to be a mountain rescue ranger - there are mountains hereabouts, but I wonder how many jobs to support a volunteer rescue ranger.’
    • ‘The organisers, Chalachitra Film Society, which have their fingers on the pulse of movie buffs hereabouts, seem to have come up with a combination of ‘heavy’ and ‘heady’ fare.’
    • ‘Built by William the Conqueror, it and 17,270 Yorkshire acres hereabouts are owned (in a constitutionally convoluted fashion) by the Duchy of Lancaster (the Queen).’
    • ‘That poor misguided soul was, like as not, struck fixedly mute by the sheer torturous weight of cricketing knowledge displayed hereabouts.’
    • ‘There is plenty to see hereabouts - a bird-filled lagoon, the Mycenaean Palace of Nestor, and the remarkable sand dunes of Voïdokolia Bay.’
    • ‘So, far from facing an influx of extra children, local schools already rely upon a substantial minority of pupils from outside of the LS29 area, and drawn by the excellent reputation of our schools hereabouts.’
    • ‘Pete and I, we discover, have a mutual acquaintance in Scots rock 'n' roller Bob Fish whose trio, Johnny & The Roccos, are well known hereabouts.’
    • ‘I have to assume from the near-radio silence on the Wiley LP hereabouts (ironic that there's so little on the blogs about it, given the Petridis review) that everyone is as underwhelmed by it as I am.’
    • ‘I don't know what it is about west Auckland but there's a ton of filming going on hereabouts.’
    • ‘The climate hereabouts is ideal for the cultivation of various forms of narcotics which are regularly smuggled into the USA, and as is so often the case where drugs are concerned this can lead to a certain degree of lawlessness.’
    • ‘Turin turns out sensible Fiats; Bologna (together with nearby Modena) prefers to put its foot on the gas: Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis and Ducati motorbikes are all produced hereabouts.’
    • ‘A bit of me thinks that only hereabouts would this count as a defining characteristic.’
    • ‘Unlike their counterparts in the North, the top filmstars hereabouts have so far shied away from identifying themselves with a particular political party.’
    • ‘There are tractors and wagons in the fields, fellows on them waiting to take the wheat from the combine and load it into storage bins on a farmstead hereabouts, or into a semi that will take the wheat to town.’
    • ‘For souvenir-hunters returning after a sojourn in God's Own Country, Kerala Tourism has come out with just what they would have wished for: a glossy brochure which lets them have a peek at a few of the most exquisite keepsakes hereabouts.’
    near, nearby, around, about the place, hereabouts, not far away, not far off, close by, in the vicinity, in the neighbourhood, at hand, within reach, on the doorstep, around the corner, just around the corner
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