Definition of here we go again in English:

here we go again


  • Said to indicate that the same events, typically undesirable ones, are recurring.

    • ‘Oh, here we go again with that Spider-man thingy; you need to get over that, Jocelyn.’
    • ‘‘I just thought here we go again,’ smiled Preece after his side's draw.’
    • ‘Megan felt the tension build, and thought, here we go again.’
    • ‘After the moderator asked if you were certain you could get a bank loan whenever you wanted, Cairns thought, ‘Oh my God, here we go again,’ and took yet another step forward.’
    • ‘Now, the problem is that when I first watched this show, I was thinking to myself, ‘Oh no, here we go again, another narcissistic reality show.’’
    • ‘When we went 3-0 down on 16 minutes we all looked around and at first were thinking here we go again because we had not beaten Sheffield all season.’
    • ‘Just when you thought it was safe, and boring, to go anywhere near Place-des-Arts metro, here we go again.’
    • ‘I felt my heart race. ‘Oh god, here we go again’, I was thinking.’
    • ‘Maybe he was thinking: Christ, here we go again.’
    • ‘She wasn't drunk, they spiked her drinks and when we told the bouncers you could tell they were thinking here we go again, another one.’