Definition of here's to someone/something in English:

here's to someone/something


  • Used to wish health or success before drinking.

    ‘here's to us!’
    • ‘Whether you're on your way to work or working your way elsewhere, here's to your health, the smoothie way.’
    • ‘So, here's to a fortnight of successful operating and hats off to a group of very dedicated people who are volunteering their time and skills to help the needy of East Africa.’
    • ‘So, here's to you and your positive attitude and I'll pray to my higher power that you're right.’
    • ‘So, here's to the continuing success of the Haphazard racing team!’
    • ‘California Authors just celebrated its first year in operation, so here's to you, and hopes for many more.’
    • ‘We wish Jimmy and Jan many more years of health and happiness and here's to the fortieth, folks.’
    • ‘Happy Mothers Day… to all the blessed women who have ventured into the world of motherhood here's to you!’
    • ‘Everyone at the trust says thank you and here's to you, Dave.’
    • ‘And here's to you, Carol Smith, as Mrs Robinson.’
    • ‘Good luck with your hunt for profit in pairs trading, and here's to your success in the markets.’