Definition of herdsman in English:



  • 1The owner or keeper of a herd of domesticated animals.

    • ‘It is a land of endless bush, villages, nomadic cattle herdsmen and subsistence farmers.’
    • ‘Small herds of sheep and cattle, with shouting herdsmen, making their slow way down the street to some butcher's or some House's private stable.’
    • ‘Indeed, there was little need for the vast majority of them, whether merchants, farmers, or herdsmen, to know how to read or write.’
    • ‘If ever there is a place to grasp the climatic and environmental changes in China, it is not out on the vast plains, where herdsmen and farmers battle over dwindling water resources and tillable land.’
    • ‘Along the way he challenges traditional interpretations about the role and scope of southern herdsmen and their herds.’
    • ‘Tensions are further exacerbated between farmers and herdsmen as they struggle to search for pasture and water for their herds, as it becomes more and more scarce.’
    • ‘It is at this time that our farmers, growers, herdsmen and stockmen are really suffering the pressure of economic damage due to foot-and-mouth disease and other market factors.’
    • ‘In his three paintings of herdsmen and cattle at Dulwich, a moist swirl of twilight, suspended over the low horizon, permeates the mild marshy pastures and caresses the slack flanks of the grazing animals.’
    • ‘He was out here in the wilds initiating low-interest loans, ‘reasonable amounts’ for poor farmers and herdsmen to manage.’
    • ‘When he visits farmers, ploughmen and herdsmen to offer advice on improving and increasing their yields, he secretly jots down their curses and swear words in a small notebook.’
    • ‘An indigenous nation of mountain herdsmen and farmers with their own language and clan-based society, the Chechens have lived in the Caucasus for thousands of years.’
    • ‘He argues that access to the legal system for lawyers, judges, district attorneys offices, and others, can result in over-consumption in the same way that cattle can overgraze grazing land when many herdsmen have access to it.’
    • ‘Ron Turner, 55, from Long Marston, near York, has worked as a herdsman looking after dairy cattle for the last 40 years.’
    • ‘This has been the approach taken by slash and burn agricultural communities in the tropical forests, cattle herdsmen in regions of Africa, and many international timber companies.’
    • ‘These are only a handful from a vast collection including many regional cheeses made on a small scale by herdsmen or on collective farms.’
    • ‘Traditionally, Eritreans lived rural lifestyles as farmers or nomadic herdsmen and women.’
    • ‘The ethnic-religious texture of the conflict is exacerbated by competition between Arab herdsmen and ethnic African farmers for water and forage.’
    • ‘There are numerous pictures of cattle with their herdsmen.’
    • ‘Snow 17-24 centimetres deep has slowed rescue efforts and made it difficult for local herdsmen to feed their animals.’
    • ‘The true citizens of Alin were mostly farmers and herdsmen.’
    stockman, herder, drover, shepherd, cattleman, cowherd, cowhand, cowman, cowboy, rancher
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    1. 1.1the Herdsman The constellation Boötes.