Definition of herbed in English:



  • (of food) cooked, flavoured, or seasoned with herbs.

    ‘herbed rack of lamb’
    • ‘However, before the soup we were treated to a roulade of smoked salmon and herbed cheese mousse, with smoked tuna salad on spring lettuce and lemon olive oil dressing.’
    • ‘It was served in a wine sauce, with a small mound of stewed vegetables and three herbed potato dumplings.’
    • ‘Rosy-cheeked maids prepared herbed vegetables from the palace gardens, and pies of every description!’
    • ‘The toaster oven contains slices of baguette smeared with herbed butter.’
    • ‘It was just as good squeezed with lemon or dipped in the herbed tomato sauce that accompanied it.’
    • ‘Most supermarkets and health food stores carry a dazzling array of new herbed, curried, fruited, and spiced marinades that can put some snap in your salmon and a charge in your chicken.’
    • ‘It is accompanied by acorn squash, a hearty stuffing of freshly made herbed bread, and a make-ahead mashed potato casserole.’
    • ‘A basket of herbed garlic bread, warm and crunchy, was also placed on the table.’
    • ‘Young, tender leaves will add a fresh, cucumber flavour to herbed vinegars and drinks.’
    • ‘Where the duck was sweet, the steak plate was savoury, topped with herbed garlic butter and accompanied by grilled bell peppers, cantaloupe, onions and excellent fries.’
    • ‘Or, for a warm starter try the saltcrust tarts filled either with herbed mushrooms or barbecue chicken.’
    • ‘A few days later, I followed the dream's instructions, and brought these fish and nectarine skewers to life, served with herbed couscous and a nectarine chutney.’
    • ‘The sauce was on the thin side, which I personally prefer, with a spiky garlicky taste, and went very well with the big basket of warm herbed bread the waitress plopped down in front of us.’
    • ‘It's no secret that herbed vinegars and oils are very simple to make in your own kitchen.’
    • ‘After so many activities, you'll need to fill up on healthful dishes such as the grilled grouper with herbed couscous, green beans and salsa at the resort's hilltop restaurant, which offers stunning views of the North Sound.’
    • ‘Since I made some more herbed vinegar, we will be able to enjoy the salad again sometime soon.’
    • ‘The menu is now spinach salad followed by pork loin with sweet glaze; rice pilaf; grilled asparagus with herbed butter; assorted Artisan breads.’
    • ‘For a change, finely chop raw broccoli, mix with shredded carrot, and sprinkle with an herbed salt.’
    • ‘Its melt-in-your-mouth pinkness is nicely set off by a mild drizzling of herbed sauce, accompanied by rice and diced bell peppers.’
    • ‘The accompanying vegetables were a disappointment in that the herbed potatoes were underseasoned, and the carrots and asparagus undercooked, which is odd because asparagus is invariably overdone.’