Definition of herb tea in English:

herb tea


  • An infusion of herbs as a refreshing or medicinal drink.

    • ‘This may be an herb tea appropriate for the condition that is being treated.’
    • ‘However, it is unlikely that even high dose herbal pills can match the potency of a bulk herb tea.’
    • ‘After I close the door, I wash my face and put wheat-germ lotion on it, scoop up and smell the peppermint-scented notes from under the herb tea box, put them in the Zimbabwean wicker basket, stretch out on the bed next to the phone.’
    • ‘Many Chinese people roast these seeds and take it as a single herb tea to control high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and improve vision.’
    • ‘An herb tea should never be flat and flavorless.’
    • ‘If the herbs cause a little stomach upset, drink the herb tea one hour after eating, or drink some fresh ginger juice before taking the formula, or eat some fresh ginger before the formula.’
    • ‘Patagonians live on an exclusive diet of meat and sips of mate, a herb tea that promises energy, resistance to fatigue, a dulling of hunger and absolutely no penalty in law for either possession or dealing.’
    • ‘She filled a cup with a warm herb tea and set a spoon and a fork on the tray.’
    • ‘Evenings, Nat and Dara ate salads and wedges of fruit and drank iced herb tea with mint leaves.’
    • ‘Sometimes I put it on my face to soften and refresh it but I mainly buy it to have in my herb tea - camomile really relaxes me, and I drink it all day.’