Definition of hepatoma in English:



  • A cancer of the cells of the liver.

    • ‘I can recall one patient who clinically seemed to have gall stones but who eventually proved to have a primary hepatoma, and another patient who had persistent heartburn while taking low dose aspirin who had carcinoma of the stomach.’
    • ‘It may be possible to immunize against such infections; for example, researchers in Taiwan have shown that immunization against hepatitis reduced the incidence of childhood hepatoma by 50%.’
    • ‘Such nonspecific inclusions have been described in the elderly with highly active disease, in alcoholic cirrhosis hepatitis and hepatoma.’
    • ‘However, most patients with large or multiple hepatomas or most other types of cancer are not considered for transplantation as tumours recur rapidly.’
    • ‘This region appears to recognize and differentiate between a normal cell and a hepatoma cell.’