Definition of hepatocyte in English:



  • A liver cell.

    • ‘For these reasons, a direct tumorigenic effect that transforms infected hepatocytes into malignant cells is probably unlikely.’
    • ‘There is no evidence of toxicity related to the pure form of milk thistle, and there is weak evidence of a hepatocyte plasma cell membrane protective effect.’
    • ‘Histologically the tumor cells closely resemble normal hepatocytes, although the cytoplasm may be more acidophilic or hydropic than in those cells in the surrounding liver.’
    • ‘As the inflammation destroys the bile ducts, it spreads and begins to damage cells of the liver called hepatocytes.’
    • ‘Largely composed of cells known as hepatocytes, which are involved in a multiplicity of synthetic, metabolic, and biotransformatory processes, the liver is unusual in that it is perfused with a dual blood supply.’