Definition of henhouse in English:



  • A small shed for keeping poultry in.

    • ‘A farmer hears suspicious noises in his henhouse.’
    • ‘For many, many years since 1976, we have had the equivalent of the fox guarding the henhouse.’
    • ‘He proceeds on alone, finds he has Alexander's papers in his pocket, panics, gets lost and has to spend the night in a henhouse.’
    • ‘A nice lady in Missouri is sending me some eggs straight from her henhouse, so maybe poaching won't be the fraught five minutes it usually is; I've got farm fresh eggs!’
    • ‘The egg carton explained that this egg came from the Columbian Blacktail hen, whose life inside a henhouse with ‘natural bedding and scratching materials encourage preening and dust bathing’.’
    • ‘My morning walk is usually a trip to the henhouse with a bucket of kitchen scraps which I fling, pausing for a few moments to admire the flock as they peck away.’
    • ‘Winter freezes, for example, could take a ferocious toll on the henhouse, which was her responsibility.’
    • ‘Chen said farm owners should take emergency measures to prevent migratory birds and wild fowl from entering henhouses or warehouses in search of food.’
    • ‘In the field were a henhouse, a tractor, and a small automobile.’
    • ‘The extensive project will encompass the renovation and new construction of several houses, a stable, a greenhouse, and a number of other outbuildings, including henhouses.’
    • ‘Anyway, can you help me round up the chickens and put them in the other henhouse?’
    • ‘Relax, you're like a fox that's been caught in the henhouse.’
    • ‘All the animals on the farm reject the duck, until a twister threatens the henhouse, dropping the baby chicks in the river.’
    • ‘Wilbur loaded his Mauser with an exaggerated but surprisingly able movement and advanced toward the henhouse in an absurd crouch.’
    • ‘Wandering in the villages at the foot of the Great Wall, you can find almost every household has built their hogpens and henhouses with bricks from the Great Wall.’
    • ‘She had four hens of her own but last April a fox paid a visit to her henhouse in Broad Town and helped himself to half her flock.’
    • ‘So, my uncle commenced to setting up a henhouse.’
    • ‘There were voices and laughter inside, sometimes an occasional cough, but other than these murmurs, it was no more than an ordinary henhouse with its over talkative roosters and conversing chickens.’
    • ‘The first time I found an egg in the henhouse, I almost crowed.’
    • ‘Just then the door swings wide and his wife and daughter rush in, flushed, laden with eggs from the henhouse.’