Definition of henbit in English:



  • A dead-nettle with purple flowers and partly prostrate stems, native to Eurasia.

    Genus Lamium, family Labiatae: several species, in particular L. amplexicaule

    • ‘A beautiful, but quite inadvertent crop of henbit was flourishing in this field east of Lincoln this week.’
    • ‘Then winter arrives - usually for about two weeks - and we get new weeds - chickweed, henbit and annual bluegrass.’
    • ‘Early pre-plant treatments allow producers to burndown winter annuals including henbit and mustards and early summer annuals, including giant ragweed, common sunflower and lambsquarter.’
    • ‘Many winter annual weeds, including common chickweed, purple deadnettle, henbit, and cressleaf groundsel, have become increasingly problematic in corn, soybean, and wheat production.’
    • ‘Weeds such as henbit and pennycress are winter annuals that generally emerge in the fall.’


Late 16th century: apparently a translation of Low German or Dutch hoenderbeet.