Definition of hen run in English:

hen run


  • An enclosed area in which hens may move freely in the open.

    ‘it was good to see healthy chickens in the hen run’
    • ‘This was a nice article about a hen run designed for urban settings, sold complete with two hens.’
    • ‘The dog was sent to stay at mother-in-law's until the fence is built, and the chickens are boarding with some friends until the hen run is finished.’
    • ‘Make sure your hen run is foxproof.’
    • ‘The land behind Albion Street was made up of allotments and hen runs, and even pigs were kept there.’
    • ‘They have been running around like headless chickens isolated from the real world in their own wee hen run.’
    • ‘The previous era produced its fair share of wines, with occasionally the worst of these reeking of hen runs or middens, which is perhaps where the association with excrement, though hardly palatable, came from.’
    • ‘The hen-run is surrounded by tunnels—dug by rats.’
    • ‘Behind the building is the hen-run, its roof half the height of the main building.’
    • ‘We once watched a small mink darting through a hen-run.’
    • ‘Two weeks ago a fox got into the hen runs.’