Definition of hempen in English:



  • attributive Made from hemp fibre.

    ‘hempen rope’
    • ‘The only award they both deserve is a length of hempen rope and tall tree - are there still spikes on the Palace of Westminster where traitors' heads can be displayed?’
    • ‘Aristocratic criminals were privileged to meet their deaths by the sword rather than the disgraceful hempen rope; gentlemen settled their differences and answered insults at swords' point.’
    • ‘Wryly referring to the use of hempen rope for public hangings, Culpeper comments that the Saturnine plant is ‘good for something else than to make halters only’.’
    • ‘He had a stout length of hempen rope coiled about one shoulder, and two large packs and my satchel were at his feet.’
    • ‘Unreckonable moments had passed, and he awoke to discover that he lay prone upon a hard, flat surface and that he was restrained once more with thick, hempen ropes.’