Definition of helmsman in English:



  • A person who steers a ship or boat.

    • ‘There are foot cleats for the helmsman and seatbacks are inclined for comfortable seating.’
    • ‘The water beneath the fishing boat they were in off the Sri Lankan coast had turned a murky brown and the helmsman was hurriedly steering them back to shore.’
    • ‘The current situation is that only the skippers and helmsmen of pelagic vessels receive a monthly salary, while the rest of the crew receives only their commission on the catches.’
    • ‘The helmsman fired the aft thrusters again, moving the Columbia from a dead stop to full acceleration.’
    • ‘The helmsman engaged the ship's main thrusters for about two seconds, sending the Hiawatha slowly into the wormhole.’
    • ‘The helmsman steers the ship back into its regular course, and they are met with a good wind, which cheers the crew.’
    • ‘A device can be added that, like an experienced helmsman, senses the beginning of a turn before it is visible on the compass or has been sensed by the autopilot.’
    • ‘Once, he even directed the helmsman to beach the boat, right into the teeth of an ambush, and pursued our attackers on foot, into the jungle.’
    • ‘The helmsman skillfully navigated the ship towards the enormous docking bay doors which engulfed the view screen.’
    • ‘An autopilot will improve the performance of your vessel by steering a course or holding a heading with more precision than a human helmsman.’
    • ‘He was not only an outstanding helmsman, but also a designer, boat builder, sail maker and rigging specialist par excellence.’
    • ‘Mount the radar display at the helm of the boat, in clear view and within easy reach of the helmsman.’
    • ‘The country is like a boat sailing without a helmsman.’
    • ‘At first it all seems rather gentle as you drift along with the current, the helmsman steering a steady course, the water only occasionally lapping over the sides of your raft.’
    • ‘Although mild mannered, he was a tough and successful racing helmsman in dinghies and keel boats.’
    • ‘It is the helmsman who is accused of neglect, and not the cabin-boy, because it is the helmsman's job to steer the ship.’
    • ‘There were no dull moments as helmsmen quickly learnt the necessity of anticipating gusts and wind shifts.’
    • ‘Regardless of your choice of chart plotter remember that a prudent helmsman never relies exclusively on a single source of navigation data.’
    • ‘Night set and the helmsman steered the ship.’
    • ‘He then took a sip from his cup and sat down on the chair beside the helmsman of the ship who was piloting it towards its next stop.’
    navigator, helmsman, guide, steersman, coxswain
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