Definition of hellfire in English:



mass noun
  • The fire or fires regarded as existing in hell.

    ‘threats of hellfire and damnation’
    • ‘We should not have had to threaten these responsible bodies with hellfire and brimstone before the conditions were improved.’
    • ‘The power of the Puritan clergy was maintained by their terrifying hellfire sermons.’
    • ‘Personally, I was surprised that this film even received a G rating with all the talk of hellfire and damnation going around.’
    • ‘It's always possible to posit ‘optimism’ up until the point when the whole place actually erupts spontaneously into hellfire.’
    • ‘He plunged into his next project after watching a TV evangelist hurling threats of hellfire.’
    • ‘Our worldview has been dictated to us by our parents, grandparents, teachers, priests, ministers and rabbis and enforced under penalty of hellfire.’
    • ‘A hellfire preacher wearing desert-style camouflage fatigues was holding forth from a stage ringed in sand bags.’
    • ‘The fear of hellfire, coupled with the anger this concept inspired, motivated those hateful acts.’
    • ‘These sermons are not delivered in the old language of hellfire and damnation.’
    • ‘Though it was night and darkness had fallen, she could still make out one building, blazing like hellfire.’
    • ‘The pastor wags his finger at me in hellfire preaching mode.’
    • ‘Just the name ‘Magic Boy’ conjures up images of a powerful young sorcerer who can raise the dead and rain hellfire down on his enemies.’
    • ‘Fantasising about being a saint in the city and obsessing on the prospect of eternal hellfire, Charlie realises he must atone for his sins.’
    • ‘The original readers of the New England Primer began their studies with the prospect of heaven ahead and hellfire behind and on both sides.’
    • ‘And he preached anticommunist hellfire as well as anyone else on the circuit.’
    • ‘Everything changes with the arrival of a reactionary Scots missionary preaching hellfire and damnation.’
    • ‘For the record, I was raised in a Christian home and both of my parents were ordained hellfire and brimstone ministers.’
    • ‘Often, to stress the moral as well as legal rectitude of the proceedings, a minister would go round when the notices were read out in English to threaten the people with hellfire in Gaelic if they showed any disobedience.’
    • ‘They were a deep, piercing red, the color of hellfire.’
    • ‘I decided that I might as well go down in a blaze of flames and hellfire if they can't read past my personal sentiments to try to understand my point of view.’
    the netherworld, the abode of the dead, the land of the dead, the infernal regions, the inferno, the nether regions, the abyss
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