Definition of helicopter view in English:

helicopter view


  • (especially in business) a general survey of something; an overview.

    • ‘Figure 2 provides a "helicopter view" of the dynamics of learning environments and the reciprocal roles that teachers and learners play in those environments.’
    • ‘They both have much the same view of the battlefield - the helicopter view from above and the players have a selection of various tasks that they can order.’
    • ‘Please ban the use of the words ' solutioneering ', ' metadata ', ' helicopter view ' and ' six-hour meeting ' by all middle management grades’
    • ‘Using a helicopter view, it appears that this company will lose some of its user base to that start up.’
    • ‘People will need a broader skill base to take more of a helicopter view.’
    • ‘Murray takes a helicopter view of the situation.’
    • ‘"It should be a person who has experience in business but who doesn't have a day-to-day involvement with the company so that he can take a helicopter view."’
    • ‘I think the Prime Minister described my view as an overview, a helicopter view.’
    • ‘The purpose of this report is to take a helicopter view and look at the global implications of widespread adoption of GM technologies.’
    • ‘Rare, nowadays, is the mind that steps back, takes on a helicopter view, and generates a more encompassing vision.’
    • ‘(There are a lot of overhead, helicopter views of the cab as it travels the semi-deserted post-midnight streets of Los Angeles.)’