Definition of helicopter pilot in English:

helicopter pilot


  • A person who operates the flying controls of a helicopter.

    ‘a professionally qualified helicopter pilot’
    • ‘"I wanted to be a helicopter pilot," Justin adds.’
    • ‘The helicopter-pilot flies her over fields, forests and mountaintops, and she has become "completely enamored by the sheer abstract beauty of the aerial landscape".’
    • ‘Some heroic stunts were accomplished, including some great flying by helicopter pilots.’
    • ‘The helicopter pilots are concerned about minimizing their impact on the people below.’
    • ‘Our helicopter pilot steers sideways between two mountain peaks some 8,000 feet from the ground.’
    • ‘She's the first black woman to become a combat helicopter pilot in department's history.’
    • ‘The officers tried to contact the helicopter pilot, but the helicopter landed on a public street and the pilot entered a residence.’
    • ‘The helicopter pilot hovers close above the school.’
    • ‘The helicopter pilot sights the circling white gulls and frigate birds first, then the sudden high, arching leaps from a large group of spotted dolphins below.’
    • ‘The helicopter pilot took what can only be described as very drastic evasive action.’