Definition of heeler in English:



  • 1NZ Australian A sheepdog or cattle dog trained to drive animals by running or nipping at their heels.

    ‘my dog is a heeler and so doesn't require much grooming’
    • ‘Our dog has border collie and blue heeler in her and was nippy and mouthy when she was younger.’
    • ‘Our dog was a good heeler.’
    • ‘Her dad had made her shoot the old heelers when they could no longer work.’
    • ‘Caper, a three-year old blue heeler mix, is an attractive, loving and playful companion.’
    • ‘He is a natural heeler, and loves motivation and respond training.’
    • ‘The breed became so popular among Queensland ranchers that it came to be known as the Queensland heeler or Queensland blue heeler.’
  • 2North American A person who uses a rope to catch a steer by its heels (as opposed to its head), especially in a team-roping rodeo event.

    ‘when the steer runs through the loop, the heeler must quickly pull the slack out of his rope’
    • ‘The boys got two loops on the animal's snout and twelve men, six on either side, pulled in opposite directions while the heeler got another loop on the lashing tail.’
    • ‘Team roping is a two-person timed event, involving a header and a heeler.’
    • ‘Both the header and heeler wrap their ropes around the saddle horn as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘Header Brazile and heeler Patrick Smith went on to win the round in a time of 4.8 seconds.’
    • ‘Today, he competes as a heeler in team roping, an event that requires precision timing between partners.’