Definition of heel bar in English:

heel bar


  • A small shop or stall where shoes are repaired, especially while the customer waits.

    • ‘Despite the expansion of the instant heel bars, he was never short of customers.’
    • ‘This element provides advice on the health and safety risks and precautions associated with shoe repair activities in heel bars, shoe repair shops and the like.’
    • ‘Many shoe repairers, including some heel bars in large department stores, belong to a trade association called the National Association of Multiple Shoe Repairers.’
    • ‘Check shoes regularly to make sure they're in good condition - many department stores and stations have heel bars where you can drop in at lunchtime.’
    • ‘Since 1987 the business has changed from a chain of heel bars to Britain's Quality Service People.’
    • ‘So I regretted not being able to attend the car boot sale, which featured a 24-hour heel bar and key-cutting service.’
    • ‘To compliment this we supply several registered key systems where the key control of the system is protected against anyone casually obtaining duplicates from heel bars etc.’
    • ‘He introduced instant key cutting in heel bars in the UK.’
    • ‘One problem with the former key system was that the keys could be copied freely and purchased from locksmiths and heel bars.’
    • ‘They all had heel bars across the city when they were prolific and popular in the 1960s.’
    • ‘We are always being asked if we do shoe repairs, well the answer is always yes, but I cannot compete with heel bars for the price of ladies rubber heels and the like, and I have no intention of trying to do our other local shoe repairer out of work.’


heel bar

/ˈhiːl bɑː/