Definition of hedging in English:



mass noun
  • 1The planting or trimming of hedges.

    ‘contract work for hedging and ditching’
    • ‘All through the winter the farm worker went hedging.’
    • ‘They will pay for up to 70 per cent of the cost of hedging, walling, river management, weeding and mowing of grass in villages where stock has been excluded.’
    • ‘‘The grants will pay for up to 70% of the cost of hedging, walling, river management, weeding and mowing of grass areas where livestock has been excluded,’ he added.’
    smooth talk, flattery, blarney, blandishments, honeyed words
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    1. 1.1 Bushes and shrubs planted to form hedges.
      ‘dense shrubbery and tall hedging offers concealment’
      • ‘Sheltered by trees and shrubbery, with mature hedging on both sides, it has an extensive patio and is pleasantly secluded.’
      • ‘There were plans to improve the hedging and install some large pipes in the grass bank.’
      • ‘The front garden, which has side and front hedging, has a large side lawn with flowerbeds.’
      • ‘With the exception of box - which remains hugely popular in both traditional and modern planting schemes - the use of medium and small-scale hedging within the garden is relatively rare.’
      • ‘The gardens have mature trees, a fountain and hedging.’
      • ‘High hedging and large flowerbeds border the manicured central lawn.’
      • ‘The lawned front garden is surrounded by high hedging and offers off-street parking.’
      • ‘Plants used for hedging are also planted closer together and the usual practice is to shear the plants into shape.’
      • ‘A one acre garden to the rear is bordered by mature shrubs and trees while the front garden is quite private and screened from the road by tall hedging.’
      • ‘This meant that when any hedging grew the flowerbeds would be hidden.’
      • ‘Fresh cut flowers, organic vegetables, crafts and willow works as well as hedging plants and a shrub or nursery area are all on display.’
      • ‘The front lawned garden has mature hedging while the driveway provides parking for three cars.’
      • ‘The rear garden, which is lawned and bordered by mature hedging, includes a spacious double garage with a remote control roller shutter and vehicular access.’
      • ‘The front garden has a lawn set behind high hedging.’
      • ‘The property's walled front garden features a tiled entrance porch, two side lawns and high hedging.’
      • ‘The rubbish was commercial: second hand clothing and pruned hedging and trees.’
      • ‘Other features include extensive hedging, shrubs and colourful annuals.’
      • ‘This is an important job as these attractive small shrubs, often used as low hedging, will quickly become woody if left unpruned.’
      • ‘Height varies from less than a foot to more than 3 feet, making some species useful as ground covers and others as deciduous hedging.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, hedgehogs are nomadic and difficult to attract into a garden, but a pile of logs and dense native hedging will give them somewhere to hide.’