Definition of hedgie in English:



  • 1

    ‘the box will house a hibernating hedgie and then, in summer months, a mother and her babies’
    short for hedgehog
    • ‘By outward appearances you'd think a hibernating hedgie was dead - their feet, ears, and skin are all cold to the touch and their breathing is almost undetectable.’
    • ‘Hedgies are quite possibly the "it" pet of our generation, yet the five boroughs of NYC prohibit them as pets.’
    • ‘Hedgehog guardians had their hands full trying to keep their hedgies from running off their little judging blankets to hide.’
    • ‘Pet hedgies will not hibernate thanks to homes staying comfortably warm all year round.’
    • ‘When I took my bunny to see the vet this week, a hedgie was in for treatment, too.’
  • 2Finance
    A person who manages a hedge fund.

    ‘the Wall Street hedgie made hundreds of millions of dollars betting against subprime mortgages’
    • ‘The fictitious hedgie broke no laws, although he might suffer pangs of conscience for profiting while his clients suffered.’
    • ‘The hedgies love the bond market all of a sudden - talk about a contrary peak (in price).’
    • ‘Interestingly, another billionaire hedgie disclosed a 7.95 million share stake in the company.’
    • ‘He and the hedgie took in funds without making any specific promises, but their investors' expectations were lofty.’
    • ‘Every major hedgie in the world is saying: do I have gold in the portfolio?’