Definition of hedge one's bets in English:

hedge one's bets


  • Avoid committing oneself when faced with a difficult choice.

    ‘they hedged their bets by saying they might apply’
    • ‘And like me, it's a safe bet that you read with fingers in multiple pages, hedging your bets.’
    • ‘Some are hedging their bets on the Times’ hyped self-examination.’
    • ‘If you look carefully inside the present museum, what you see is that we hedged our bets and made a number of different reconstructions from semi-subterranean through to various larger and taller buildings.’
    • ‘Yet it was almost as if they were hedging their bets, saying something about this player in this game that they could say again about someone else in the next game, three days later.’
    • ‘No one knows at this point in time who that next ‘leader’ will be, and many are hedging their bets.’
    • ‘A further 18% hedged their bets, saying prices would remain stable.’
    • ‘And prudence is not the art of hedging your bets.’
    • ‘But to hedge your bets, you bet the other way as well.’
    • ‘Well, maybe not; maybe it's far too early to even talk about hedging their bets.’
    • ‘Punters were hedging their bets as more than 300 birds flew for a prize of £20,000 in The Royal Pigeon Racing Association's jubilee race.’
    • ‘We have existing laws on the books, but I think many criminals are kind of hedging their bets by thinking they either won't get caught, or the system will be so slow that it will work to their favor.’
    • ‘And they hedge their bets by avoiding specific predictions for how long it will take to colonize this or that planet, or to travel to this or that star.’
    • ‘But hiring has been so slow and most economists have been so wrong on this issue that some are now hedging their bets.’
    • ‘And, indeed, you were hedging your bets at one point, weren't you, in the Minnesota case?’
    • ‘Maybe they're hedging their bets about further defections.’
    • ‘But I expect wealthy buyers will be hedging their bets before long.’
    • ‘How then can one avoid this risk and hedge one's bets?’
    • ‘They are simply hedging their bets, forming a relationship with you early on, in a competitive industry and punting on your future success.’
    • ‘Some clan chiefs hedged their bets and sent sons off to fight on opposing sides.’
    • ‘It's evident that city leaders past and present have hedged their bets on entertainment districts.’
    prevaricate, equivocate, vacillate, quibble, hesitate, stall, evade the issue, dodge the issue, fudge the issue, sidestep the issue, be non-committal, be evasive, be indecisive, be vague, hedge one's bets, beat about the bush, parry questions, pussyfoot around, mince one's words, shilly-shally
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