Definition of hectometre in English:


(also hm) (US hectometer)


  • A metric unit of length equal to one hundred metres.

    • ‘In the entire province, water reserves stand at 1,300 cubic hectometres.’
    • ‘Previous studies of this latter area indicate that its recharge capability is about 21,000 acre-feet per day (26 cubic hectometers per day).’
    • ‘In contrast, the volume of water in the lake at the mean summer lake level of 4,141.3 feet is 765 cubic hectometers.’
    • ‘In fact, the final hectometres decided the race.’
    • ‘Spain's rivers receive approximately 106,000 cubic hectometres of water from rain and snow.’
    • ‘A maximum standing crop of 558.7 pounds per acre (626 kilograms per square hectometre) was measured at one of the more productive reaches.’
    • ‘For example, a kilometer is 10 times a hectometer, and a hectometer is 10 times a decameter, which is 10 times a meter… and so on.’
    • ‘Under proposals presented to the European Commission on Friday, 20 seawater desalination plants will provide an extra 721 cubic hectometres of water to affected regions.’
    • ‘After entering the tab ‘Volumes’, specify the starting and ending hectometre and the numbers of the layers between which the volume will be calculated.’
    • ‘Multiply a hectometre by 10 and get a kilometre.’
    • ‘Ironically, two days later the dyke collapsed and almost seven cubic hectometres of acidic water and mud covered nearly 10,000 hectares of river, forest and agricultural land.’
    • ‘These signs (with a diameter of 150 mm) are placed every 100m integrated in the hectometre posts.’
    • ‘From the table you can see that there are links from square decimeters to square meters to square decameters to square hectometers.’
    • ‘The template is removed and the original decimal point erased leaving a resultant number in hectometers.’
    • ‘If you lay 10 hectometers or 1000 meters side by side you would have a ‘kilo-meter’.’