Definition of heavyset in English:



  • (of a person) broad and strongly built.

    ‘a heavyset, bull-necked man wearing a T-shirt that revealed his powerful musculature’
    • ‘Rex was a few inches shorter than him, but much more heavyset.’
    • ‘Gabriel sat in the back of the lecture hall, while the professor, a heavyset man with graying hair who was dressed in a tweed suit, spoke to the class about the psychology of identity development.’
    • ‘The theory is that these projects will finally give the heavyset crowd a chance to get a slimming workout.’
    • ‘Walking along the beach, he saw a tall, heavyset man throwing something into the water, and altered his course to investigate further.’
    • ‘A heavyset teen in a sweater vest and scarf turned around.’
    • ‘Now, there was a description of a heavyset man at a separate shooting scene.’
    • ‘His face is heavyset, its mid-coffee coloring sheened with sweat.’
    • ‘At the top of the stairs was a heavyset zombie who noted our presence.’
    • ‘In the corner was a heavyset man sitting in the middle of a sofa, alone with huge headphones on his head and his laptop reflecting and glowing in his eyeglasses.’
    • ‘I frequent a restaurant where the manager is unusually heavyset, and this guy always look sharp.’
    • ‘Their bodies are heavyset and covered with reddish or grayish brown fur.’
    • ‘She was a tall, heavyset girl, known for her continuous power hitting.’
    • ‘A heavyset Egyptian in front of him leaned back to whisper something.’
    • ‘It was difficult - he was heavyset, head and shoulders taller than me, with dark hair and eyes.’
    • ‘The British biologist, a heavyset woman of fifty-eight with eyeglasses and a permanently pinched expression, stood up unsteadily and reached for the device.’
    • ‘… Blessed with a big voice and stage presence, the heavyset Carter prided herself on her range as a performer, doing musicals and drama as well as comedy.’
    • ‘I looked up into the sparkling eyes of a heavyset man with gray, unkempt hair and a white goatee.’
    • ‘A heavyset former border guard on the cusp of 50, he'd come home after the Soviet fall, like many military men, to find himself out of work.’
    • ‘The heavyset chieftain spent a silent moment appraising her clothing, or perhaps the runes picked out on her vest, before gratefully taking the mug and tossing half of it back in a single breath.’
    • ‘Who is the heavyset man with the receding hairline and the broad face?’
    • ‘In a matter of minutes, her tall heavyset butler appeared at the door of the room.’
    • ‘But when the lights went out, Cruise's friend and the heavyset man exchanged places so the actor could sit right next to his friend.’
    • ‘She was a heavyset woman with a plain green dress, an apron and a head scarf.’
    • ‘Three pairs of startled eyes focused on a heavyset, aging man wearing a patriotic baseball cap and white nylon sports jacket.’
    • ‘She sighed as a set of heavyset male arms embraced her from behind.’
    • ‘Grumbling, the heavyset sheriff opened the bag and poked through it, bumping glass vials together.’
    • ‘As Jake ducked under the crime scene tape a tall, heavyset man with grey hair accosted him.’
    • ‘He is heavyset, with bushy mustache and eyebrows, and decades of somber repression imprinted on his face.’
    • ‘A heavyset woman in the front row was the first person to make it onstage, and she slapped her hands on him like she was trying to knock him out.’
    • ‘Reflected in the heart of the mirror was a heavyset, balding, middle-aged man with a mustache and ginger-and-cream goatee.’
    • ‘But as we took our seats and smilingly waved to one another across the auditorium, we became aware that we had been infiltrated by several square-looking, heavyset men.’
    • ‘He was an older man - Latino in appearance, heavyset with thinning white hair, bushy black eyebrows, and a thick moustache.’
    • ‘Someone was standing there, veiled in the haze: a girl, shorter than he was, heavyset, with masses of brunette curls.’
    • ‘With the exception of the barmaids, the occupants of the tavern were men, the majority of them heavyset and tough-looking.’
    • ‘She's a heavyset woman, now in her sixties with pure white hair and too much lipstick.’
    • ‘They were greeted by a shady, heavyset guard that stood at least six feet tall.’
    • ‘The woman's skull was heavyset, belying her once-lithe frame, her brow-ridges dense, her jaws firm and stolid.’
    • ‘From one of these offices a heavyset, middle-aged woman in a hideous floral dress and a black perm hairdo leaned out.’
    • ‘The women described their abductor as a clean-shaven, heavyset man in his early 30s with blond hair and blue-grey eyes.’
    • ‘The heavyset mortal screamed out in pure affliction and fell on the ground, only widening the vampire's spacious grin.’
    big, burly, heavy, tall, bulky, thickset, chunky, strapping, powerfully built, hefty, muscular, muscle-bound, brawny, muscly, husky, solid, powerful, sturdy, solidly built, broad-shouldered, strong, big and strong, rugged, herculean
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