Definition of heavy petting in English:

heavy petting


mass noun
  • Erotic contact between two people involving stimulation of the genitals but stopping short of intercourse.

    ‘they fell to tender embraces that rapidly shifted up a gear to heavy petting’
    • ‘After two weeks of chatting, endless flirting and online heavy petting, it was time to meet.’
    • ‘That was the purpose of heavy petting - everybody (at least everybody over 40) knows that heavy petting isn't sex.’
    • ‘I began heavy petting with my first boyfriend when I was just a freshman.’
    • ‘It suggests he and Allen have progressed beyond heavy petting…’
    • ‘I was sitting on the swings in the kiddie play area when Jeff came outside and sat on the swing opposite me and said ‘I couldn't handle it any longer… I'm sure there's gonna be some heavy petting going on soon’.’
    • ‘I'm pretty sure that is the main reason why the Bible says not to have intercourse or heavy petting until you are married.’
    • ‘This is exquisite pop, useful for jogging, studying or heavy petting: multifaceted, like its star.’
    • ‘Clearly the thought of Crowe and his missus indulging in a bit of heavy petting has gotten the garlic-infused mayor a bit excited.’
    • ‘The camp rules were strict: definitely no smoking, drinking, or heavy petting.’
    • ‘The girls team up to pull a dangerous heist on the gangsters, but not before they're involved in several close-up bouts of heavy petting.’
    • ‘Sometimes young people darted into the stacks for a few moments of heavy petting before they were discovered or decided to continue the session in a more private venue.’
    • ‘Besides some heavy petting, we haven't even ventured close enough to have sex.’
    • ‘The editorial line is stern, with girls advised not to wear much make-up, and not to ‘indulge in heavy petting before you're married’.’
    • ‘You might be able to guess that the mood got to us, and we ended up passionately embracing, kissing, semi heavy petting, you know.’
    • ‘I would say the average age of everyone was twenty-five and they were busy doing the things that twenty-five year olds do: heavy drinking and heavy petting.’
    • ‘If you do know the film, you don't need me to say that it has the funniest, most brilliantly modulated seduction scene in movies - the verbal equivalent of expert heavy petting.’
    • ‘She hadn't known about rock and roll, she hadn't known about racial strife, and she hadn't known about heavy petting in cars.’
    • ‘If you argue that no premarital sex doesn't mean no petting, well, what's the difference between heavy petting and sex?’
    • ‘Suddenly heavy petting had a new image in her mind.’
    • ‘The pair began kissing and cuddling which led to heavy petting.’


heavy petting