Definition of heavy hitter in English:

heavy hitter

(also big hitter)


  • An important or powerful person.

    ‘its membership includes many heavy hitters in the insurance industry’
    • ‘The focus will now switch to the other bidder still in the race, a consortium of venture capital companies headed by merchant banking heavy hitter Goldman Sachs.’
    • ‘Usually these are big hitters and we're looking at investors with €500,000 and upwards, ‘he said.’’
    • ‘Prince and Madonna topped the list of big hitters.’
    • ‘She euphemistically described him as ‘a straight talking, heavy hitter.’’
    • ‘He said: ‘What I think is superb about this campaign is the big hitters of the industry in this town have signed up to it.’’
    • ‘This was a year when the big hitters in the book industry paid vast sums for huge, often very self-important books which swiftly wound up in the remainder bins.’
    • ‘There is no denying that Penman is an intuitive journalist with immense skills, but he remains unknown to the majority of big hitters in Scottish business.’
    • ‘Regional big hitters including business leaders, celebrities, sportsmen, the police and property developers have united behind the M.E.N. campaign to put the project back on track.’
    • ‘The trio are regarded as big hitters who would not have launched a fully-fledged PR business without having lined up a number of key corporate clients as a foundation for their business.’
    • ‘As a swan song, he is playing Madison Square Garden in a career-canvassing concert that brings together almost every heavy hitter in the field of modern hip-hop.’
    • ‘Our various hosts sent along some pretty big hitters - directors, men from the ministry, men from the international department.’
    • ‘The bill lets politicians express solidarity with constituents who lost their jobs, without offending big hitters.’
    • ‘Neither do we include Wall Street big hitters who spend time in London.’


heavy hitter