Definition of heavy breathing in English:

heavy breathing


mass noun
  • Breathing that is audible through being deep or laboured, especially in sleep or as a result of exertion.

    ‘the only sounds in the room were his heavy breathing and the loud ticking of the clock’
    • ‘The second message was for a good twenty seconds nothing but heavy breathing and then a voice spoke.’
    • ‘Ramie enters the living room and hears heavy breathing that comes from Ben's office.’
    • ‘He was in a deep sleep and simply mumbled something and returned to his heavy breathing.’
    • ‘The cold voice finally came after a few seconds of heavy breathing.’
    • ‘I am breathing heavily and out of sync with Mike's heavy breathing.’
    • ‘The heavy breathing soon went to high-pitched gasps, to ragged breathing.’
    • ‘My phone was tapped - we used to get calls in the small hours of the morning with either heavy breathing or anonymous warnings that we were ‘being watched’.’
    • ‘He could hear heavy breathing coming from the room down the hall.’
    • ‘Of course, any strenuous exertion, such as fighting, results in heavy breathing, and as a result the band will inevitably slip down around your waist, where it is no good to anyone.’
    • ‘I could feel his paced breathing against my heavy breathing.’
    • ‘He could hear breathing, heavy breathing that was not his own.’
    • ‘He was wearing a light jacket of black which rose with the slow, heavy breathing of sleep.’
    • ‘Think about what happens to you as you run faster: panting, heavy breathing, wheezing, gasping, collapse.’
    • ‘I passed his room and heard Michaels heavy breathing.’
    • ‘Divine dreams of his precious student soon brought a soft smile to his face, his heavy breathing evidence of a deep sleep so rarely experienced by the opera ghost.’
    • ‘Susan writes: ‘My heavy breathing was clearly telling the man that I was exhausted.’’
    • ‘Faintly he could hear heavy breathing like that of something sleeping, but he caught no sound of anything else.’
    • ‘Muffled heavy breathing is heard throughout the sequence, like the breath of someone at the other end of the line.’
    • ‘The velvet darkness was still except for the regular, deep sound of heavy breathing, punctuated occasionally by a rumbling, contented purring snore.’
    • ‘I took deep calming breaths, trying to slow my heaving chest and heavy breathing.’


heavy breathing