Definition of heavy-handedness in English:



  • See heavy-handed

    • ‘If a controversial EU directive becomes law next week, such heavy-handedness will become the norm across Europe whenever copyright owners claim to be the victims of ‘piracy’.’
    • ‘Critics have been quick to accuse the monolith of Soviet-style heavy-handedness for this particular innovation, but given that the only real inconvenience this poses is making it harder to pirate the stuff, we can't really complain.’
    • ‘In talking with him before coming on the air, as to what made him switch parties in 1994, and he was saying it was the heavy-handedness of the administration at the time, that of course being President Clinton.’
    • ‘With such heavy-handedness behind the camera, I'm not sure how talented actors could emerge with any autonomy or achieve any genuine soul-bearing.’
    • ‘These tactics not only failed to engage the guerrillas, who easily evaded the large jungle sweeps, but their heavy-handedness alienated the local population.’
    • ‘It made me reflect on the pronouncements of those engaged in the recent civil disobedience in Edinburgh about ‘fascist states’ and police heavy-handedness.’
    • ‘I feel it was much lighter on the heavy-handedness and sensationalism that characterizes much of his other work, and thank God for that.’
    • ‘The first reaction was to applaud the rioting children and to complain of police heavy-handedness.’
    • ‘The heavy-handedness of local officials has been partly to blame for increases in rural instability that in recent years have seen pitched battles between police and farmers.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It's the heavy-handedness of the police, they are making a bad situation worse.’’
    • ‘This heavy-handedness - ‘We're going to tell you what's good for you’ - just turned around and destroyed people's business.’
    • ‘The government is acting in line with its age-old propensity for heavy-handedness.’
    • ‘Still, they avoid heavy-handedness and are mostly quite charming.’
    • ‘Their grievances were oppressive and unfair taxation, heavy-handedness of the authorities, and lack of political representation.’
    • ‘Those present at protests on both the Friday and Saturday claim that police heavy-handedness in Toronto was taken to a whole new level.’
    • ‘They manage this despite some serious heavy-handedness in the script.’
    • ‘Their on-screen graphics take far too much of the screen too - another manifestation of their bullish ignorant heavy-handedness.’
    • ‘Additionally, Greek attempts at restoration during the twentieth century have been equally criticised for their insensitivity and heavy-handedness.’
    • ‘This, however, did nothing to change the perception of heavy-handedness.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, here in London, events passed off peacefully amidst accusations of police heavy-handedness.’