Definition of heavy-breasted in English:



  • (of a woman) having large breasts.

    • ‘His heavy-breasted women, often with wide thighs and pronounced buttocks, can remind one of prehistoric fertility figurines.’
    • ‘Inside the frame stands her young, young mother, long-legged and heavy breasted in a full-piece bathing costume.’
    • ‘Petrified that the hotel cleaners would discover my heavy-breasted sketches and hand me over to the local militia for a good, hard mocking, I would rip up each and every page on a daily basis and flush my work down the toilet.’
    • ‘A forest of carved pillars - on closer inspection lines of heavy-breasted Hindu caryatids - flanked me on either side.’
    • ‘Partly because of his size, he had always chosen bigger women to bed, fulsome, heavy-breasted lasses.’
    large-breasted, big-breasted, full-breasted, bosomy, large-bosomed, big-bosomed, full-bosomed
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