Definition of heavily laden in English:

heavily laden

(also heavily loaded)


  • Full of or loaded with heavy items.

    ‘the lorry was heavily laden with large boxes and crates’
    ‘heavily laden trolleys’
    • ‘A full-grown, heavily loaded tomato plant in a container needs a water-soluble fertilization treatment daily.’
    • ‘Mrs March frowned down at the heavily laden table, she was frowning in particularly at a plate of biscuits, which spoiled the entire look of the table.’
    • ‘At first they looted, burned and pillaged and then sailed off back to Denmark or Norway, heavily laden with gold and slaves.’
    • ‘Logan's longest runway, 33, is often used for large, heavily laden jets.’
    • ‘Heavily laden hand trucks, she said, can damage the escalator plates.’
    • ‘By now the first heavily laden trolleys begin making for the tills.’
    • ‘The heavily laden horses could not cope with the bogs.’
    • ‘Outside the front door, a bulldozer is clearing up the mess caused when a heavily laden lorry crashed into the wall and gatepost.’
    • ‘The mountainous waves that followed almost swamped the heavily-laden lifeboats.’
    • ‘The wheels of the heavily laden wagons ground deep ruts into the soil.’
    • ‘The rich man said, "Sir, I have a bull who can pull one-hundred heavily loaded bullock carts."’
    • ‘Gage later reportedly traveled to Chile, where he drove a heavily laden stagecoach.’
    • ‘It only took her a few moments to come back with two heavily loaded plates.’
    • ‘I watch men or women pushing carts heavily laden with their wares in searing temperatures, stifling humidity or drenching rain.’
    • ‘The model was able to reproduce fruit growth for heavily-loaded shoots.’
    • ‘With a region or village perimeter heavily laden with landmines, access to the area by much-needed medical teams or aid workers is affected.’
    • ‘From potential growth data, the model made it possible to predict growth for heavily-loaded shoots, taking environmental conditions into account.’
    • ‘The heavily loaded truck was too much for the steep, water-soaked road.’
    • ‘Giant motors drove the haulage cable pulleys, the thick steel pulled heavily loaded hoppers up to the platform.’
    • ‘Except on a heavily loaded system, most queues are empty.’