Definition of heavenly body in English:

heavenly body


  • A planet, star, or other celestial body.

    • ‘Astronomers have sighted a tenth heavenly body orbiting the Earth.’
    • ‘Modern engineering is based on the laws of mechanics, which have grown out of the observations of the heavenly bodies, and astrophysics is inseparable from the physics of elementary particles.’
    • ‘In the coming months, astronomy enthusiasts are in for a string of rare celestial events involving the heavenly bodies in the solar system.’
    • ‘Topping the four-storied hall would be a dome onto which the newly developed Zeiss projector could beam the images of 4,500 fixed stars and various heavenly bodies.’
    • ‘I looked to all sides and saw the same dark immenseness sprinkled with flickering stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies.’
    • ‘We were able to use mass readings to mark the positions of the planets and other local heavenly bodies.’
    • ‘That dot also contained the matter that later came to be the sun, the earth and the moon - the heavenly bodies that tell us about the passing of time.’
    • ‘In this application, a laser stationed on a satellite can orbit Earth (or other heavenly bodies such as the Moon or Mars) and direct a sequence of short optical pulses onto the surface.’
    • ‘Technically, a conjunction describes a precise alignment of heavenly bodies that happen to have the same celestial longitude - that is, they appear to line up in the sky, one directly above the other.’
    • ‘Astronomers now know, of course, that the morning star and the evening star are one and the same heavenly body, namely, the planet Venus.’
    • ‘He now owns 54 heavenly bodies - including the Sun - and has established a Lunar Embassy in the USA, of which he claims to be the ambassador.’
    • ‘The moon and other heavenly bodies also emit light by borrowing from the sun.’
    • ‘The Chinese calendar follows a zodiac originated from the movement of heavenly bodies such as constellations and planets, with each year being designated a characteristic animal.’
    • ‘In Korea, as in China, there is a mythological archer who shoots down unwanted heavenly bodies - in this case, one sun and one moon.’
    • ‘The molecule, discovered accidentally while observing stars with a radio telescope, naturally occurs in intense reactions that take place in heavenly bodies like our sun.’
    • ‘A 10th heavenly body has been spotted orbiting the Sun.’
    • ‘The moon and the sun were the only heavenly bodies they knew about.’
    • ‘On this day last year: A new heavenly body was discovered on the outskirts of the solar system, scientists revealed, some 3,000 billion miles from the sun.’
    • ‘Therefore, no other heavenly bodies have satellites.’
    • ‘A model of the sun is to be placed at the Cheshire radio observatory with the other heavenly bodies set out across Britain according to their relative distances apart.’
    planet, satellite, moon, star, orb
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