Definition of heathendom in English:



  • See heathen

    • ‘‘All these things smack of heathendom,’ he remarks.’
    • ‘The stave churches were built in the period from around 1000 up to 1349 when the Black Death attacked Norway, a period where the heathendom, although officially dead, still was strong in Norway.’
    • ‘The ecclesiastical and religious history exhibition ‘From heathendom to Christianity’ is housed inside Moster Amfi.’
    • ‘It was a way in which to ‘camouflage’ the heathendom, by using names that had to be interpreted before their connection to heathendom was revealed.’
    • ‘He and his wife, both of whom know from experience what it means to be snatched out of heathendom, were willing to go… even if that meant uprooting a family of six sons and two daughters.’