Definition of heated in English:



  • 1Made warm or hot.

    ‘a heated swimming pool’
    • ‘This usually has to be bought by mail order and as far as I can remember is best used in warm weather or in a heated greenhouse.’
    • ‘Thinking of a nice warm heated dorm as she walked through the desolate streets, her mind began to wander.’
    • ‘Among many other features including a heated seat and warm air dryer, it uses fuzzy logic to establish your pattern of use.’
    • ‘I hadn't realized how cold I was until I was warming up under the heated water that soothed my tired aching muscles.’
    • ‘The heater is powerful enough, but the volume of space which needs to be warmed up is so large that heated seats are a real necessity.’
    • ‘It's got beach chairs, cabanas for rent and a heated fire-pit to keep you warm in winter.’
    • ‘Winemakers cook lesser varieties in casks stored in heated rooms or in steel vats warmed by hot water pipes or heating coils.’
    • ‘One can go further south from here but we would need heated long johns to keep us warm, and we've seen enough icebergs for the time being.’
    • ‘The air and the season were getting colder now, but the heated water of the pool was warm on their bare feet.’
    • ‘Winnie took her shoes off, placing her feet in the comforting warm water from the heated pool.’
    • ‘If you live in a cosy, centrally heated house, your red wine could be too warm if served at the prevailing heat.’
    • ‘If the cat spends time on the porch or in other chilly areas, you may want to give him one of these heated beds to warm up with.’
    • ‘Imagine stepping out of the shower onto a warm custom heated floor.’
    • ‘He was left alone within the basket of heated Float Stones to keep him warm.’
    • ‘The heated seats are quick to warm you up but I think that the air conditioning kicks in at about the same time - which is very quick in my book.’
    • ‘Even in warmer climates, they need heated shelters to protect them in cooler weather.’
    • ‘On the sidelines, the players huddled under parkas, blew on their hands to keep warm and fought for space on the heated benches.’
    • ‘Since dry, heated indoor air can be even more dehydrating than warm sunshine, drinking enough is still a must.’
    • ‘Finnish bathrooms are usually the warmest room in the house because the floor is usually heated.’
    • ‘Faster-than-fast oriental food is on offer here with all the popular dishes keeping warm under heated lights.’
    made warm, made hot, warmed up
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  • 2Inflamed with passion or conviction.

    ‘she had a heated argument with an official’
    • ‘There followed a heated argument between the referee and Rathdowney officials who were complaining there were only three umpires.’
    • ‘How does it differ from heated, passionate expression on religious matters?’
    • ‘Car owners have also become so touchy and fussy about the parking space that any encroachment leads to heated arguments and bouts of fisticuffs.’
    • ‘She repeatedly demonstrates that they are spiritually damning as the evils of heated passion often are not.’
    • ‘We were on the same boat with our names and he knew I hated my real name as much as he hated his, with an undying, heated passion.’
    • ‘I didn't see it but after the debate a few students approached the Labour MP and had a heated argument with her, one guy went so far as to say she wasn't welcome here.’
    • ‘Investigators said they were told that on reaching the corner of Sackville Street, a heated argument erupted between the two.’
    • ‘Passions are heated, so it turned its anger on the blogger.’
    • ‘Nor does he mince words - his heated passion for going behind the corrupt, is still alive.’
    • ‘During the passionate and often heated debate councillors stressed the increase was a result of recommendations made by an independent panel.’
    • ‘The battle of wills was played out against a background of heated passion, not all of it unrequited.’
    • ‘It was a collegial process, occasionally passionate though never heated.’
    • ‘Everywhere you go, you hear people of either side joined in animated discussion or heated argument on this issue.’
    • ‘Mabel began a long, passionate, heated affair with him which lasted for several years.’
    • ‘Head teachers do not have an easy task keeping control without inflaming already heated emotions.’
    • ‘Its only reliable effect is to magnify the relevance of the issues it touches, with drama and heated passions typical of its influence.’
    • ‘Of course, her sentence was cut off again by a heated passionate kiss.’
    • ‘China's ascent could inflame an already heated debate in the U.S. about companies sending work abroad.’
    • ‘He grinned and surprised me with a heated, passionate kiss.’
    • ‘However, that year, when Brazil and France entered the World Cup final, the two often engaged in heated arguments on the winner.’
    vehement, passionate, impassioned, animated, spirited, lively, intense, fiery, fervid, full-hearted
    excited, roused, animated, inflamed, worked up, wound up, keyed up
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