Definition of heat shield in English:

heat shield


  • 1A device or coating for protection from excessive heat.

    • ‘The western edge is built of large square stones, with a single stone forming the heat shield.’
    • ‘He has made a spectacle frame with solar batteries with two bulbs covered with heat shields at the bottom of the frame.’
    • ‘A front spoiler, side skirts, radiator grille and sports exhaust with a specially-designed heat shield give the car an elegant look.’
    • ‘Andy Tyler has built a jet-powered shopping cart whose engine ‘glows red hot at temperatures up to 600°C, so he has to sit with his back to a heat shield.’’
    • ‘Last summer, Coleman initiated a recall of some 86,000 grills due to a potentially dangerous metal edge on the heat shield above the propane burner.’
    • ‘Its superior ability to block heat flow also means you can often eliminate the need for a heat shield.’
    • ‘The outer pot will become a heat shield by providing shade.’
    • ‘On the eastern side, a single elongated stone juts out at an angle in front of the mouth of the hearth, forming a heat shield.’
    • ‘A transparent safety guard and heat shield protect the working area.’
    • ‘Emhart identified problem areas where Chrysler might incur warranty and quality related issues, including the attachment of the heat shield to the vehicle's underbody.’
    • ‘Fire burst out on the ropes, burning them off, but not harming her since she had the heat shield up.’
    • ‘A slightly loose heat shield is unlikely to fall off completely and is not a terminal problem for the car, so if you don't want to pay BMW prices the first answer is to live with it.’
    • ‘The front is based upon the current Russian, rather than Bulgarian, pattern and incorporates a steel heat shield.’
    • ‘The engine glows red hot at temperatures up to 600°C, so the driver needs a heat shield.’
    • ‘If the salt solution is warmer, say near a car's muffler or heat shield, its conductivity will also increase.’
    1. 1.1 An outer covering on a spacecraft, especially on the nose cone and leading edges, to protect it from the heat generated during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere.
      • ‘Controllers had seen a signal indicating a possible problem with the capsule's heat shield, so I was advised to keep the retrorocket pack attached to hold the heat shield in place.’
      • ‘After the fiery first few minutes of her descent, her first parachute popped open and pulled off her aft cover, and then the main parachute opened and the heat shield fell off.’
      • ‘We know all three parachutes did deploy and the heat shield worked.’
      • ‘Unlike those two modules, the command module containing the crew is equipped with a heat shield and took a different flight profile, entering the Earth's atmosphere about 25 minutes before landing.’
      • ‘The heat shield had rebounded and prevented the loss of atmosphere, but the door was damaged.’
      • ‘Once the velocity is slow enough and temperatures are safe, the heat shield at the bottom of the spacecraft will be jettisoned and the scientific instruments it was protecting can begin to take data.’
      • ‘Because the shuttle was designed for repeated re-entry, an ablative heat shield was not an option.’
      • ‘The heat shield material, therefore, is state of the art.’
      • ‘The astronauts will try some new ideas for patching holes in the heat shield in space, but right now NASA does not have a lot of confidence in the techniques.’
      • ‘Note that the rest of the Galileo spacecraft was completely destroyed when it recently crashed into Jupiter's atmosphere because it lacked a heat shield.’
      • ‘The gold heat shield on the orbital workshop was a replacement for an earlier shield that malfunctioned.’
      • ‘Mission engineers are curious to learn how the heat shield behaved as it passed through the Martian atmosphere.’
      • ‘During the mission's third spacewalk, they performed the first-ever on-orbit repair of the Shuttle's heat shield.’
      • ‘But the prospect of checking out the heat shield and better understanding what happened to it when it came through the atmosphere is something that no other mission has ever done.’
      • ‘This caused gases to go through the damaged area during re-entry and thereby causing heat shield tiles to rip off.’
      • ‘‘We went [to the area] to study the heat shield of course and we actually spent a couple of days studying the heat shield before we even realized there was a rock there,’ Squyres elaborated.’
      • ‘The service module, and the orbital module are burned in the Earth's atmosphere, whilst the re-entry module uses its heat shield to make a safe return.’
      • ‘This also minimizes the heat soak the vehicle is exposed to and eliminates the weight and expense of a heat shield.’
      • ‘After the craft parachutes to dry land (with a splashdown as a backup option), NASA can easily recover it, replace the heat shield and launch it again.’
      • ‘The engineers will be working for the next few months to analyze the performance of the heat shield that protected the spacecraft as it slammed into Mars' atmosphere.’