Definition of heat efficiency in English:

heat efficiency


mass nountechnical
  • The ratio of the heat produced by a machine or in a process to the total energy expended or heat taken in.

    ‘wood burning stoves vary in their heat efficiency’
    • ‘These models are ideal for checking the heat efficiency of a home because they offer a practical level of resolution.’
    • ‘These can be very efficient, with the more advanced facilities providing nearly 80 per cent of heat efficiency.’
    • ‘One problem is they use paste under the heat spreader instead of a solder, which is not optimum for heat efficiency.’
    • ‘Simple measures such as switching off lights, shutting down computers properly, and keeping doors and windows shut can maximise heat efficiency.’
    • ‘A further work on steam boiler design, The Heat Efficiency of Steam Boilers, appeared in 1898.’
    • ‘Energy surveyors measure a doorway during calculations for the optimum heat efficiency in a home in Bristol.’
    • ‘Adding water in an excessively large amount decreases the heat efficiency, and the energy-based reaction efficiency may be lowered.’
    • ‘Many homeowners forget an important part of heat efficiency—insulating their foundation.’
    • ‘The present invention provides heat efficiencies that can eliminate need for burners or heaters required to drive finishing and inter-stage heat exchangers.’
    • ‘Less steam is generated by heat exchange with hot streams because the recovery unit operates with more heat efficiency.’