Definition of heat-sensitive in English:



  • (of a surface or substance) changing physically or chemically when exposed to heat.

    ‘heat-sensitive graph paper’
    • ‘Hardware problems—most notably a heat-sensitive on-off switch that could power up or shut down the system on warm days—plagued the machine from the start.’
    • ‘The apparatus produces small enough recording sound to permit quiet heat-sensitive recording with the thermal head.’
    • ‘The heat-sensitive laminate allows seams to be constructed with or without stitching.’
    • ‘Dancers' perspiration will help turn heat-sensitive walls different colors.’
    • ‘The egg logos are the latest application of heat-sensitive technology, which is likely to transform future kitchen landscapes.’
    • ‘The site offers a virtual demonstration of the night-vision feature, which has heat-sensitive infrared vision.’
    • ‘I just ordered one of the new heat-sensitive colors for my office.’
    • ‘Just north of the border, a heat-sensitive remote surveillance camera was recently triggered by a warm body.’
    • ‘Technologies now are available that allow sterilization of heat-sensitive items.’
    • ‘The lizard's blood contains a substance—probably a heat-sensitive protein—lethal to the Lyme bacterium.’