Definition of heat-seal in English:



[with object]often as adjective heat-sealed
  • Fasten or close (something) securely by applying heat to melt or glue an opening.

    ‘the insulated bag features heat-sealed and leakproof interior linings’
    • ‘The waxed paper wrapper is heat sealed and then cooled, prior to being discharged onto a conveyor.’
    • ‘They can be heat sealed, solvent bonded, or ultrasonically welded to other PVC parts.’
    • ‘It comes in a clear heat-sealed pack designed to hang on a hook at the store, showing off exactly what you're getting.’
    • ‘They're filled with Dots, heat sealed, and packed 50 to a carton.’
    • ‘The feeder is designed to heat seal decorations, labels, flock transfers, appliques, and emblems.’
    • ‘Labels can be inserted into small polythene sachets, which can be pressure or heat sealed.’
    • ‘It features a triple heat-sealed headphone jack.’
    • ‘The heat-sealed fabric envelope was restrained by a net made of 3,500 meters of rope specially prepared by professional riggers and secured by 1,200 knots.’
    • ‘The fabric was heat sealed down onto the fragile silk, and the edges of each patch were neatly tucked under the velvet ribbon.’
    • ‘The bags are eventually separated off from the system by heat sealing the filling lines.’