Definition of heartworm in English:



  • A parasitic nematode worm which infests the hearts of dogs and other animals.

    Dirofilaria immitis, class Phasmida

    • ‘Shots for distemper, heartworm, parvovirus and kennel cough are a must.’
    • ‘I was afraid she might have heartworms and the SPCA said they would put her down if they could not treat her.’
    • ‘Canine heartworm is a serious and potentially fatal parasitic condition, transmitted by mosquitoes, in which roundworms develop in the heart and major blood vessels of dogs.’
    • ‘When adult heartworms living in animals mate and produce offspring or microscopic heartworm larvae, the offspring can live in an animal's bloodstream for three years.’
    • ‘The mid-range plans offer some preventive health care screening services like testing for heartworms, as well as basic accident and illness coverage.’
    • ‘The other danger is heartworms from drinking standing water where mosquitoes breed, puddles which are so often found around marinas.’
    • ‘Cats can tolerate a few adult heartworms for several months, but when the heartworms grow in size or when the number multiplies, clinical signs begin to appear.’
    • ‘For instance, as few as one or two heartworms can be fatal to cats.’
    • ‘When a mosquito bites a dog or a cat that is infected with heartworms, it can ingest heartworm larvae with its blood meal.’
    • ‘The best defense against heartworms is routine checkups with your vet.’
    • ‘Also injections of ivomectin are effective against the mange parasite and the heartworm cycle it causes.’
    • ‘Cats can occasionally develop heartworms, as well.’
    • ‘If these wild dogs don't die of sheer starvation, he said, diseases such as parvovirus, heartworm, or intestinal parasites usually kill them.’
    • ‘Medicines targeting fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal parasites prevent both the pests and the diseases they cause.’
    • ‘I find as many homes as I can and keep as many as I can house properly; I spay/neuter, give annual shots, treat for heartworms and fleas, and hold the others in my arms as my veterinarian gives them the shot to euthanize them.’
    • ‘He stayed at my vets for about 3-4 weeks so he could continue to recover and to be treated for the heartworm that he had.’
    • ‘If left untreated they pose serious health risks for pets and their owners, such as heartworm, tapeworm and Lyme disease.’
    • ‘He theorizes that it may be a population-level adaptation, ensuring that the next generation is born before the old is afflicted with diseases like heartworm.’
    • ‘Some illnesses that are common among house pets - such as distemper, canine parvovirus, and heartworms - can't be transmitted to humans.’
    • ‘Nowadays the main diseases transmitted are encephalitis (virus inflammation of the brain) in humans and heartworms in dogs.’